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Monday, March 5, 2012

Funniest Party Games: Academy Awards

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Invite a few movie fans to watch the Academy Awards. Then vote for the most trivial, ludicrous, and just plain silly nominations.

Materials Needed:
  • Large sheet of poster board
  • Felt-tip pens in a variety of colors
Enjoy this party games for adults for 2-3 hours

How to play:

1. Draw a large grid on poster board, with enough rows for each of the nomination categories, and enough columns for each of your guests.

2. Write the nomination categories down the left-hand side of each row, such as Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and so on. Write the players' names across the top, one name for each column.

3. Also include humorous categories, such as Most Embarrassing Speech, Most Boring Speech, Ugliest Outfit, Most Risque Gown, "Worst Hair Style, Weirdest Walk to the Stage, Oddest Couple, Best Commercial, Funniest Joke by the Emcee, Most Exaggerated Actor, Most Excited to Win, and Most Blase about the Awards.

4. Give away a different color felt-tip pen to each participant and have them write their nominations in the squares next to each category, beneath their own names.

5. As the awards are introduced, draw stars on the winning squares.

6. Determine winners at the end of the show.

7. Give a prize to the player who has the most correct answers.


Have the guests come dressed as nominated stars, and let the players guess who they are supposed to be. Have the costumed players act out movie scenes to help the other players guess their identity.

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