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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best Baby Shower Games: Birth Write

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This is a fantastic baby shower game, but it's fun at any time you want to know how your pals came out into the world! It's a great time to know more about them in a funny way.

Materials Required:
  • Paper
  • Pencils
You can play and enjoy this game for 30 minutes.

How to Play:

1. Prior to the party day, contact your friends and ask them to create a one-page description of their births. Ask them to call up their parents for the information if they don't know much more than the usual stork story. Say to them not to put their names on the paper.

2. Gather the birth stories as the guests arrive.

3. Mix up the papers, and give one to each player.

4. Ask the first player to read the birth story he or she was given.

5. When the story is done, the participants must attempt to guess whose birth it was. It's fun to hear who made an extraordinary entry, who came out swiftly, who was born in the car or truck, who only weighed 5 pounds, and so on.


As an alternative of asking guests to bring their birth stories, ask for their parent's phone numbers. Call the parents and ask for the birth stories, then read them at the party, and see if each player can recognize his or her own birth.

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