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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best Gift-Exchanging Game for Adults: The Lottery Game

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Host your own lottery party, and send your guests home with all kinds of prizes-and surprises.

Materials Needed:
  • 1 good prize from each player, such as movie tickets, bottle of wine, best selling book, art print, coffee grinder, and so on (all within a set price)
  • 1 booby prize from each player, such as a pair of cartoon-character underwear, funny hat, trash cab, and so on (all within the set price)
  • Carnival-type tickets, homemade lottery tickets or just buy J & G Fake Lottery Tickets - 1 Pack at Amazon if you don't have the precious time to make one.
  • Paper
  • Pencils, 1 for each player
Note: Play this one of the best party games for adults for 30 minutes or more. This game can also be played during the Yuletide season when gift exchanging during parties are common.

Best Party Games for Adults
How to Play:

1. Ask each player to bring one nice prize and one booby prize to the party. Be sure to set a prize range, so the gifts are equal in value.

2. Buy or make lottery tickets, two for each player.

3. When your guests arrive, collect prizes in exchange for lottery tickets, paper, and pencils.

4. Have the players write their ticket numbers down on paper. Collect the tickets and put them on a bowl.

5. Select one good prize and display it for everyone to see.

6. Select one ticket from the bowl and read the numbers suspense-fully. (Have a drum roll for added fun if you like.)

7. Award a prize to the person holding the matching number.

8. Continue until all the prizes are gone.


Number the tickets to match the number of prizes. When all the prizes have arrived, assign each one a number. Have the players draw tickets and match drawn numbers to prize numbers.

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