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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Party Games for Adults, Teens and Kids: Comic Connection

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Play a funny game based on the funny papers, and have a few laughs with the gang. It is a good party games for adults, teens, kids and kids by heart.

Materials Needed:
  • Color comic strips from the funny pages
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Envelopes
  • Paper
Playing Time: 30-45 minutes

party games for teens
How to Play:

1. Cut out a variety of comic strips from the funny pages.

2. On the back of each strip, draw a wavy line from one end to the other.

3. Cut each strip into individual squares.

4. Mix up the panels of one strip and place them in an envelope. Repeat for the rest of the strips.

5. Divide players into pairs or teams, and give each team an envelope and a sheet of paper.

6. On the word "Go" tell players to remove the comic strip from the envelope and assemble it in the correct order on the sheet of paper. The first team to complete the comic strip correctly wins the round.

7. To make sure the strip is in the correct order, turn it over and see if the wavy line connects.

8. Put the strips back in their envelopes, have the players exchange them, and play another round.


Mix up all the comic panels and have each player race to find all the same comic strip panels, then put them in order. Or, cut up the same comic strip from different Sundays. Give each player a panel and have them find the other players with panels from the same strip and the same week.

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