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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food Hunting Game

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You are not going to feed those freeloading guests by just handling over the food, are you? Make them work for their meals!

Materials needed for this one of the craziest party games for adults and older children:

  • Finger foods, snacks, appetizers, and other portable edibles
  • Drinks in bottles or cans
Playing time is 30 minutes or more.

Food hunting party game
How to Play:

1. Place all the food and drinks into portable, sealed serving containers. (You do not have to use sealed containers, but hey, it's your carpet and furniture!)

2. Hide all the food and drinks throughout the house - in the bathtub, on top of the refrigerator, in the piano seat, behind the couch, in the cupboards, on the fireplace, in the bedroom, and so on.

3. Set out napkins for the guests, but nothing else.

4. When all the guests have arrived, tell them they're going on a treasure hunt game - for the party food.

5. Send the guests in search of their nourishment, and have them bring back what they find to the party table.


Instead of having the players bring back the food, tell them they can take some of what they find but must leave the rest hidden for other guests to find.

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