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Monday, April 2, 2012

Party Games for Adults: Something's Wrong

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Your eyes tell you something is completely wrong with the image, but will your brain tell you what it is? Check this photos based game for you to enjoy.

Materials Needed:

  • 20 pictures of familiar people, places and things
  • Scissors, glue, pen
  • Paper
  • Pencils, 1 for each player
Playing time on this one of the best Party Games for Adults is around 30-45 minutes.

How To Play:

1. Just before the game commences, find twenty photos of well known people, places, or items. For example: a movie star, such as Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt; a travel location, such as New York City or Hawaii; or an everyday item, such as a box of cereal or a car.

2. Alter one part of the picture, using scissors, glue, a pen and so on. For example, you might change a hairstyle on a movie star, cut the top off a landmark building, or add an extra cartoon character to a product.

3. Photocopy the pictures so the changes won't be noticeable.

4. At game time, give out paper and pencils to all the players.

5. Pass around one picture and ask the players to write down what they think is wrong with it.

6. After all the pictures have been passed around and the changes written down, reveal the actual changes.

7. Give a point for each correct answer.

8. Award a prize to the player with the most points.


Cut up face photographs of movie stars. Exchange eyes, noses, or mouths, and have the players guess which item belongs to which movie star.

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