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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best Way to Play Pass the Pretzel on Parties for Adults

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Can the players pass the pretzels without poking their partners? Perhaps!

Materials Needed:
  • Cotton swabs
  • Pretzels (the curly one, not the stick)
Playing time on this one of the funniest adult party games for 20 minutes.

pass the pretzel adult party

How to Play:

1. Divide the players into two teams and line them up.

2. Give each player a cotton swab and tell them to put one end of the swab in their mouths. Then ask them to put their hands behind their backs.

3. Give the first player in each line a pretzel by inserting it onto the swab.

4. On the count of three, have the first two players pass the pretzels to the next player in line, using only the cotton swab. If the pretzel falls, the next player who dropped it must give it back to the player before him or her, and repeat the play.

5. Award a prize to the team that first passes the pretzel all the way down the line.


Use other snack food with smaller holes and toothpicks to make the game more challenging. (Just don't poke an eye out!) Or pass oranges from neck to neck, hats from head to head or a sheet of paper from chin to chin-all without using hands! See Scoop-A-Cup for other variation of this game.

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