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Monday, June 18, 2012

8 Steps to Play the Adult Version of Simon Says

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When you play the kids' version of Simon Says in hyperspeed, it becomes a fast-paced adult party game of Speedy Simon!

Materials Needed:
  • Paper
  • Pen
Playing time on this one of the best party games for adults for 30 minutes.

Simon Says Adult Games

How to Play:

1. Before game time, make a list of physical actions.

2. Choose a player to be Simon.

3. Ask the rest of the players to stand in a line facing Simon.

4. Place the list of actions on a chair in front of Simon for easy reference, in case Simon needs some help.

5. Tell Simon to order the players to perform a series of tasks, increasing the speed of the requests and movements over time.

6. If Simon says "Simon says" before a request, the players are to copy the movement. If Simon doesn't say "Simon Says," they must not copy the movement. If they do, they are out of the game.

7. Continue until only one player remains to follow Simon's instructions.

8. Award a prize to the remaining player, and make him or her the next Simon.


Tell Simon to try to fool the other players by telling them to do one task, such as covering his or her nose. Watch how many players follow the gesture instead of the words. If they do, they are out of the game.

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