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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Dating Game

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If you like dating game tv shows, you're going to love it up close and personal.

Materials Needed:
  • 4 chairs
  • Sheet
  • Index cards
  • Blindfold
  • Pen or pencil

Playing time on this one of the funniest adult party games for 45 minutes or more.

How to Play:

1. Place three chairs in the center of the room and a fourth with its back to the three. Hang a sheet between the back-facing chairs, for extra secrecy.

2. On index cards, write down some fun questions for contestants to ask their future "dates". For example: Player 1, how will you lavish your money on me?" or Player 2, where would you like to lick me?"

3. On index cards, write down players' name and place them in a box.

4. At game time, select one card at random, announce the name, and have that player sit in the isolated chair. Place a blindfold over the player's eyes.

5. Draw three more names, but do not announce them. Show the names to the crowd and have those three "dates" (of the opposite sex) sit quietly in the chairs behind the blindfolded contestant.

6. Remove the contestant's blindfold, and tell him or her not to turn around. Give the contestant questions to ask the dates.

7. Ask the dates to use a disguised voice when answering-they can change the pitch, use an accent, whisper, and so on.

8. When all the questions have been asked, have the contestant choose a date.

9.Bring the dates out, one at a time, to reveal their identities.


Offer the contestant a selection of dates from both genders, to add the fun. You can also play this dating-based party game for adults with unmarried participants for added excitement because they might end up on a real date.

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