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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Shower Games: How to Have a Perfect Marriage

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If you think you know everything necessary to have a perfect marriage, share your advice with others and see who agrees.

You can play this one of the best wedding shower games for 30-45 minutes.

Materials Needed:
  • Paper
  • Pencils

How to Play:

1. Distribute paper and pencils.

2. Have the players write down one piece of advice they would give a couple planning to get married, or a newlywed couple.

3. When everyone has a piece of advice ready, have one player read his or her advice to the group.

4. Have the rest of the group debate the advice, offering points and counterpoints.

5. When the advice has been thoroughly examined,the group can vote on its merits. If the majority votes for the advice, the adviser gets a point.

6. Move on to the next piece of advice. Continue playing until everyone has had a chance to offer advice.

7. Award a prize to the player with the most points.


All the party games here are giving alternatives. Instead of marital advice, offer advice on any selected topic, such as getting a job after college, meeting the opposite sex, dating tips, parenting tips and so on.

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