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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ice Breaker Games: Get Bingo

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Get-Acquainted Bingo is a great ice-breaker to help your guests start some interesting conversations.

Materials Needed:

  • Large index cards, 1 for each player
  • Variety of colorful stickers, 8 of the same kind for each player.
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Clear contact paper
Play this one of the best Party Games for 30-45 minutes.

How to play:

1. Draw a grid on each card, three squares across by three down.

2. Cover the card with clear contact paper on both sides.

3. Place eight of the same stickers on the back of one card.

4. In each square on the front of each card, write a question about the other players. For example, if someone is pregnant, you might write "Who's expecting a baby?" Be sure to include a question or more about each guest.

5. Have players ask relevant questions to find the players who match the questions on the cards. They can't ask direct questions, but rather beat around the bush, trying to gather the answers.

6. When a player finds a match, have him or her take a sticker from that person and place it over the answered question.

7. Award a prize to the player who first fills all nine spaces with stickers.


Instead of qustions, write down players' favorites, such as TV shows, books, stores, colors, actors, or musicians.

You can play this one of the funniest and exciting ice breaker games on different occasions like Birthday Party, House Party, Baby Shower Party or even on a boring seminar. You can subscribe on our RSS feeds or Like us on Facebook for more party game updates.

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