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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Summer Outdoor Party Games: Water Relay

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On the road to the beach or recreation area for a family outing? Add some silly races like the Water Relay Game to bring the excitement! It's a great summertime boredom reliever!

Materials Needed: 
  • Pails of water (1 per team)
  • Large sponges (1 per team)
  • Empty 1 gallon plastic milk jug (1 per team)
How to Play:

1. Divide the participants into 2 or more teams.

2. Set the buckets of water on one side of the race course with the sponges in the bucket. Put the milk jug at the other end of the race course. The concept of the game is to be the first team to fill up the milk jug with water.

3. The first player of each team soaks the sponge with water, runs to the milk jug and squeezes the water into it. Then runs back to pass the sponge to the next player. This goes on until the first jug is full.


To give more of a challenge, try using a turkey baster syringe instead of sponges: you have to aim while you are also trying to win!

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