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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party Games for Adults: Personalized Bingo

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Why play plain old bingo when you can play the personalized version, in which everyone picks their own squares?

Materials Needed:
  • 5-by-5 inch poster board squares ( 2 for each player)
  • Fine-point pens, 1 for each player
  • Scissors
  • Items with which to mark the bingo squares, such as beans, small candies, pennies, and so on.
Playing time: 30-45 minutes

Personalized Bingo Cards

How to Play:
  1. Make bingo cards by drawing five columns and five rows on the 5x5 inch poster board squares. Give one card to each player.
  2. Cut the remaining cards into one-inch squares (twenty-five squares per card). Discard one square.
  3. Give each player twenty-four small squares and a pen.
  4. Choose a theme for the game, such as foods, vacation spots, bad words, movie stars, and so on. Have each player write twenty-four theme-related items on the bingo card, leaving the center "FREE". Ask the players to keep their cards private until playing time.
  5. When finished, tell the players to write the same items on the small squares.
  6. Collect all the small squares in a bowl, mix them up.
  7. Take turns drawing a square from the bowl and announcing the item. Everyone with a matching item gets to place a marker on that square.
  8. Award a prize to the first player who fills his or her bingo card. Or, if you prefer, only have them fill five squares in a row-up, down, or across-as in a regular bingo game.

After players make their personal bingo cards, have them exchange their cards with other players.

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