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Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Play Road Rally Outdoor Game for Adults

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Your guests don't need fancy sports cars to enjoy a Road Rally. Just hop in the jalopy, the truck, or the ATV, and follow the instructions!

Materials Needed:

  • Map of local area
  • Paper plates
  • Felt-tip pens or markers
  • Paper
  • Pencils, 1 for each team

Playing time of this game is about 1 to 2 hours.

road rally party games for adults

How to Play:

1. Before game time, choose a final destination for your party: restaurant, bar, a player's house, or someplace else that is appropriate.

2. Using a map of the local area, trace the route you plan to follow.

3. Drive the route, writing down instructions as you go, such as (1) Turn left out of driveway, (2) Veer right at fork, (3) Take first left.

4. Include a list of questions to be answered along the route, such as "What street intersects Main?" or "What's the name of the school you pass along the way?"

5. Using the marker pen, write further instructions on paper plates, such as "Ignore last instruction!" or "Turn right instead of left on the next intersection!" These instructions should leave the players to the correct destinations. Attach the plates to trees or posts in visible spots.

6. At game time, have the guests draw names to pair up as driver and navigator. Give each pair a set of instructions, paper and a pencil to answer your questions, and point out the final destination. Send them on their way, one minute apart, noting the times of departure.

7. As the players arrive at the final destination, note the time for each team. When all have arrived, check the questions and award points for correct answers.

8. Award a prize to the fastest team and to the team with most points.


Play the game on foot instead of in the car.

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