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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adult Party Games: Scoop-a-Cup

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How many ways can you transport various items from Point A to Point B without spilling?

Materials Needed:

  • Variety of objects to use for transporting items, such as a cookie sheet, hat, large cardboard box, spatula, baster, gloves, and so on.
  • Variety of awkward item to transport, such as water, feathers, rice, peas, coins, and so on.
  • Rope or masking tape

Play this one of the funniest kids, teens and adult party games for 30 - 45 minutes.
party games for adults

How to Play:

1. Pair transportation objects with items to be transported. The pairing should make transporting difficult but not impossible. For example, you may pair a cookie, sheet with water, a hat with feathers, a large cardboard box with a tiny grain of rice, a spatula with peas, a baster with water, gloves with a coin, and so on.

2. Divide the players into two teams. Line them up on one side of the room.

3. Mark the goal line with rope or masking tape.

4. Give a player from each team one transporter and an item to transport. On the word "Go," have them race to get the items to the goal line and back. If they drop the item along the way, they must return to the starting point and race again.

5. When the first set of players returns with their items, tell them to tag the next two players, who then pick up the next two transporters and the items to transport and race to the goal line and back.

6. Continue playing until all items have been transported.

7. Award a prize to the team that finishes first.


Blindfold the players, of course!

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