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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Party Games for Adults: Scavenger Bingo

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This one of the craziest scavenger hunt party games for adults will get your guests circulating- all around the house.

Materials Needed:
  • Bingo-type cards, with 9 to 12 grid squares. You can buy cheap Bingo Cards online at Amazon.
  • Pens, 1 for each player
Playing time on this one of the best scavenger hunt game for adults ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.
scavenger hunt for adults
How to Play:

1. Write down a list of items easily found around your party room, your home, or your yard. For example: rolling pin, flowered throw pillow, laundry basket, bubble bath, napkins, hose, dog dish, and so on.

2. Write the names of the items in the grid squares of the cards. Mix up the order in which you write the items on each card. Make sure that each card has some items that are different from all the other cards.

3. Distribute the cards and pens.

4. Tell the players that they must search the room, house, or yard for each item on the card to win the game. When a player finds an item, he or she should quietly mark the item's location on the card, trying not to give it away to the other players.

5.Award a prize to the player who fills the card first.


Before game time, place stickers next to each item listed on the cards, and let the guests retrieve a sticker to place on the item-appropriate grid (instead of having the players write down where they find the items). Or have the players find specific items located on other players, such as Rolex watch, a pair of Birkenstocks, a gold chain, and so on. As the players enter the party, write down something that's on their person to include on the bingo cards. Then prepare the cards, mixing up the items, and distribute them to your guests.

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