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Friday, May 18, 2012

Famous Movie and TV Quotes Party Game

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"Are we having fun yet?" Find out with this nostalgic game of famous movie and TV-show quotes.

Materials Needed:

Playing time on this one of the funniest adult party games can be as long as 45 minutes or more.
movie-based party games for adults

How to Play:

1. Before game time, collect a list of movie or TV quotes, using books from the library, ebooks, or videos as sources. You may include quotes from such movies as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ("Well, all righty them."), Psycho ("You'll just be staying the one night?") Young Frankenstein ("Could be worse. Could be raining.") Star Wars ("May the force be with you."), Airplane ("Don't call me Shirley!"), and so on.

2. Write the quotes on a sheet of paper, and include the speaker and the film or show. For example: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind.

3. Gather the players in a circle and tell them you're going to read a quote from a movie or TV show. They must race to call out the name of the movie or show and the character or actor who said the quote.

4. Give a point to the player who says the correct answer first.

5. Continue reading the quotes until all are read.

6. Award a prize, such as a video, to the player with the most points.


Instead of racing for the answer, have the players write down their guesses. Or instead of providing quotes, have the players take turns reciting their favorite quotes while the rest of the players try to guess.

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