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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bridal Shower Games: Beauty Aids

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Here's a game for couples to enjoy at a wedding or baby shower. Or play the game any time you feel the need for a makeover!

Materials Needed:
  • Variety of makeup items, including eyebrow pencils, eye shadow, eye liners, mascara, foundations, highlighters, blush, lip liners, lip gloss, nail polish, nail decorations, and so on.
  • Variety of makeup applicators and tools-the more obscure and unusual-looking the better-such as cotton swabs, eyelash curlers, tweezers, smudgers, and so on.
  • Large mirrors
  • Towels
    Playing time on this one of the best bridal shower games ranges from 30 to 45 minutes.
    bridal shower games

    How to Play:

    1. Set makeup materials and mirrors on a large table.

    2. Have each player choose a partner of the opposite sex, and have each couple sit next to each other at the table.

    3. Tell one male player to choose a makeup item from the collection, say what it is, describe its use, and demonstrate it to his female partner. Then have him pass the item to the next player to use the same way.

    4. After the makeup item goes around the table, have the next male player choose another makeup item from the selection on the table, name it, describe it, use it, then pass it on.

    5. After all the makeup has been used, let the made-up females look in the mirror. Award a prize for the best makeover.


    Reverse the couples, and have the women make up the men. Or provide the men with a variety of hair-care products, and have them do hair styles instead of makeup. No scissors!

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